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Engineering studies in renewable energies 
  • Wind turbine behavior profiling and performance analysis
  • Independent monitoring of wind turbines availability following contractual conditions and/or in compliance with the IEC61400-26-1 standard
  • Assessment of the remaining lifetime of wind turbines (in accordance with the IEC 61400-28 standard in the final publication phase)
Test and inspection of wind turbines
  • Inspection of wind turbines at end-of-life
  • Other types of inspection throughout the useful life of wind turbines
  • Structural monitoring tests (blades, shafts, towers) and assessment of results
  • Mechanical tests on mechanical components and their analysis
  • Analysis of lubricants and assessment of results
  • Measurement / Monitoring of power curves according to the IEC 61400-21-1 standard

Energy studies and forecasting services

Our approach

We stand for project results which create sustainable and long-term benefit. For this reason, we follow our clients even when their wind farm is up and running, helping them to extract further value from their projects by minimising losses and implementing improvements, using a flexible approach:
01 | Tailor-made approach, much dependent on the client’s needs and challenges.

02 | Application of the tools developed by INEGI for a deep analysis of SCADA data - using advanced heuristic techniques for underperformance detection.
03 | Improvement of the performance of the operating assets using experimental approaches focused on emitted noise levels, structural monitoring, power curve measurements and lubricant analysis.

04 | End-of-life studies and inspections to determine the remaining lifetime of wind turbines
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