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Engineering studies in renewable energies
    • Due diligence of wind farm projects
- Independent evaluation of energy production (P50-P75-P90)
- Independent evaluation of the technology's compliance with the site assessment
- Review of Balance of plant (BoP)
- Revision of contracts (wind turbines, O & M) - scope, specifications, guarantees

Due diligence of wind farms in operation
    • Performance analysis of wind turbines
    • Independent assessment of wind turbines and wind farm availability
    • Verification of Global Guarantees for Wind Farm Production
    • Verification of warranties fulfilment
    • Review of energy yield estimates with operational data
    • Revision of contracts (wind turbines, O & M) - scope, specifications, guarantees
    • Measurement of power curves (in compliance with the IEC61400-12 standard)
    • Assessment of the remaining lifetime of wind turbines (based on the technical specification IEC 61400-28 in the final publication phase)

Test and Measurement in Renewable Energies and Meteorology 

Our approach

Being wind energy an intensive capital business, we devote much of our time assisting Lenders and Investors in the provision of reliable figures for CAPEX and OPEX definition as well as in the assistance in the identification and rating of potential risks, considering:
01 | Revision of projects, whether still at the development stage whether already in operation

02 | Deeply analyses warranties and O&M contracts 
03 | Warranties verification and performance testing essentially focused on time based and energy-based availability - for operating wind farms

04 | Specific studies on wind turbine performance

05 | Studies and end-of-life inspections to determine the remaining lifetime of wind turbines
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