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Engineering studies in renewable energies
    • Preliminary assessment of areas based on simulations with mesoscale models and terrain typology
    • Design of wind farms
    • Evaluation of incident solar radiation in a project area, estimates of photovoltaic power plant energy yield and photovoltaic power plant design
    • Simulation of the wind regime in a project area, including production estimates and evaluation of the suitability of the technology to the wind regime, using state-of-the-art tools (linear and non-linear models)
    • Preliminary noise emission evaluation with simulation tools
    • Support in the selection of technology

Energy studies and forecasting

Test and Measurement in Renewable Energies and Meteorology
    • Definition of requirements and planning of wind resource measurement campaigns
    • Instrumentation and operation of meteorological stations
    • Conducting specific-purpose campaigns with ultrasonic anemometers or LIDAR technology
    • Analysis and reporting of meteorological data
    • Operation of agrometeorological measurement campaigns

Our approach

With more than 25 years of experience in the wind energy sector, having planning and conducting some of the first wind measuring campaigns in Portugal, INEGI has all the key skills and tools to ensure quality in the development of projects in this area.

To maximize the value of any wind farm project, we support the developers in the different phases of the project:

01 | Wind characterisation and estimation of annual energy yield in the most precise and accurate way

02 | Selection of the best sites for the development of the project and participation in the definition of the wind measuring campaign 
03 | Definition of the project design and technology selection

04 | Analysis of the layout design to - at the extent of known restrictions - minimize wake losses, noise and shadow flicker impact with the most advanced tools in the market
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