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Solutions for companies

  • Simulation of weather conditions based on mesoscale models.
  • High-resolution weather forecasting to support the construction planning and assembly operations as well as management of work teams.

Our approach
Based on the expertise of our team, we provide customized services oriented towards the needs and context of each client:
01 | Identification of needs and specification of all customer’s requirements.

02 | Calculation of Meteorological Forecasts based on different global and mesoscale models with different parameterizations, in order to obtain very high-resolution forecasts (temporal and spatial).
03 | Development of prediction models that fit and model the issue at hand, including the processing of all information involved and selected by our team.

04 | Operationalization of forecast data in the periods specified by the client, on a 365-day-per-year basis, and provision of information in a format and protocol defined by the client.
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