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Warehouse Management

20 August 2019

INEGI developed an advanced training program in Warehouse Management, customised to the needs of the employees of the workshop's warehouses belonging to Vila Nova de Gaia's Town Council.
The topics covered focused on best practices of warehouse management and operation, process improvement, as well as information systems to support the operation, increasing the reliability of stock record and contributing to the reduction of operational costs.
INEGI's Industrial Engineering and Management team, who designed this training course, took into account the new challenges that are posed to Stock and Storage Management in the Municipality of Gaia considering reorganization that is underway.

Therefore the team believes to have helped the participants be more prepared to integrate what they've learnt into their day-to-day activities, and to have broadened their knowledge about processes, and support systems for stock management, thus improving the level of satisfaction concerning the services of Gaia's Town Council.
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