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Portgás and INEGI create a laboratory to simulate hydrogen injection into the natural gas network

11 April 2022
Portgás has reinforced its partnership with INEGI to create a laboratory and test benches at the Institute's facilities to test the injection of H2 into the natural gas distribution network. This step follows the first phase of the partnership, which included the study of the compatibility between hydrogen and gas flow in distribution networks, at different pressure levels.

"Following the results obtained, we went from theory to practice, and proceeded with the tests necessary to evaluate the impact of H2 injection - at the level of materials, burning processes and safety and operational conditions", says Lucas Marcon, responsible for the project at INEGI.

The laboratory is already operational, and will be the stage for tests that simulate the conditions of the metallic distribution and supply networks of Portgás, including all its components (piping, valves, sensors, seals, among others), as well as in the operation of the burning equipment supplied from them.

Based on this assessment, INEGI's team of specialists, in cooperation with Portgás, will define the requirements and specification of future infrastructures and facilities, in order to operate under efficient and safe conditions for scenarios of gradual injection of hydrogen into the network operated by Portgás.

The project is part of the Decarbonization and Digitalization strategy of Portgás' distribution assets, based on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and commitment to the decarbonization of the sector, in the prioritization of studies in the area of ​​feasibility of injection of source gases in the REN Group's infrastructure and in strengthening its role as an operator without any participation in investments or interests in gas production.

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