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LNEC joins forces with INEGI to better study the effect of waves on vessels

02 March 2023
INEGI is collaborating with LNEC - National Laboratory of Civil Engineering and TecnoVeritas in the construction of equipment to study the effect of the hydrodynamic forces of waves on vessels.

The equipment, to be installed in the irregular wave channel at LNEC, consists of a fast tow platform and respective measuring equipment to analyze the interaction of ships or hydrofoils with the waves.

José Cunha, responsible for the project at INEGI, explains that "this system will make it possible to carry out tests that simulate sea conditions that the vessels will encounter throughout their useful life. These are important tests, since theoretical analysis is not enough to effectively understand the outcome of extreme conditions at sea."

INEGI's team is in charge of designing systems for the implementation of a towing carriage, which is now in its final phase. For José Cunha, "at this stage, the mechanical design skills we gathered were essential to obtain the most appropriate solution, in accordance with pre-defined requirements and specifications". The next steps involves assembly and testing of the systems.

The «CEHCOI2 - Training for Hydrodynamic Performance Tests of the Irregular Waves Channel 2» project is part of the Fundo Azul programme, financed by the Directorate General for Sea Policy (DGPM).

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