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Is supply chain visibility critical for your company? Collaborate with us in this study

16 June 2023
INEGI is looking for Portuguese companies for which the visibility of the supply chain is a critical factor, to collaborate in a study that aims to respond to the challenges in this area.

To this end, companies interested in participating must fill in the questionnaire available HERE, which includes a set of questions about the company and the current state of its supply chain. Responses must be submitted by June 30th.

The objectives are to understand the situation in the country, identify opportunities for improvement, and develop technological solutions to facilitate and improve the visibility of supply chains. It is expected that this study will generate benefits for the functioning of chains in the long term, facilitating operations and boosting the economy.

"Currently, companies are facing an increase in disruptions in their supply chains, as well as consumer demands. One way to persevere in this context is to increase the flexibility and resilience of supply chains, which involves better visibility and connectivity different parties involved. However, there are several technological barriers and lack of trust that call this connectivity into question. In this sense, we intend to create solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) that allow to overcome these barriers", explains Eduardo Oliveira, researcher in charge for the project at INEGI.

At the end of this study, INEGI hopes to make Artificial Intelligence solutions available to companies capable of promoting greater visibility, providing users with missing information and predictions of the behavior of other elements in the supply chain, in order to create better coordination between them. .

The Artificial Intelligence for Supply Chain Connectivity project funded by the Science and Technology Foundation (FCT), with the code CEECINST/00096/2021.
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