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INEGI researchers on the podium of the awards of the world's largest mechanical engineering conference

14 November 2022

«An Adaptive Thermal Finite Element Simulation of Direct Energy Deposition with Reinforcement Learning: a Conceptual Framework» is the name of the article that, on November 3rd, received the distinction of Best Paper – 3rd Honorable Mention at the IMECE - International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition.

The article was authored by INEGI researchers João Paulo Sousa, Roya Darabi, Ana Reis, Marco Parente, José Cesar de Sá, and Luís Paulo Reis, from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. It was presented during the congress by João Paulo Sousa, at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, Ohio, in the United States.

The work focuses on the development of intelligent controllers based on artificial intelligence methods applied to laser manufacturing processes in order to democratize these processes and make them more sustainable. It was carried out within the scope of the project «CUT3D‐ Development of intelligent systems for a 3D tube laser equipment» and «ADDing - Multiscale Modeling of Additive Manufacturing by Direct Deposition of Energy from Metallic Powders».

The IMECE - International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition is held annually. The 2022 edition featured 17 topics, from scientific research to education and leadership development, and over 1600 paper and poster presentations.
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