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INEGI joins European initiative to improve the air we breathe indoors

09 November 2022
There are 15 partners in 8 European countries determined to find 'cleaner' alternatives to combat exposure to indoor air pollution. Among them is INEGI, whose work in the field of indoor air quality research and support for the industrial development of "clean” materials is already internationally recognized.

To better understand the current reality, the first phase of the study includes the study of more than 200 households and families with young children in Portugal, Sweden, Estonia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, and the Czech Republic.

"Using low-cost and non-invasive methodologies - such as sensors, passive sampling, and urine biomonitoring - we want to determine the degree of exposure to environmental aggressive agents that we are subject to today. We will pay special attention to babies and young children, as they are particularly vulnerable groups who spend a lot of their time in the housing environment”, explains Marta Gabriel, responsible for the project at INEGI.

The next step will be to identify the sources responsible for air pollution - be they construction materials, materials used in furniture, cleaning products or others - and identify alternatives. On the table is also the study of potential technological solutions and behavioral changes to reduce health risks.

Study will support changes at European level for "healthier” homes

The ultimate objective is to provide scientific support to policy makers and regulatory bodies, and to enable informed decision-making and the implementation of effective measures to protect the health of citizens.

People spend around 80% to 90% of their time indoors, so air quality is an important factor for public health, and a concern at European level.

As Marta Gabriel explains, the initiative "will support innovation in the European Union's environmental and health policies, as well as the fulfillment of the objectives of the European Green Deal, the Action Plan for a Zero Pollution Ambition, the European Chemicals Strategy in a Sustainability Context, and the related actions of the World Health Organization in Europe”.

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