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INEGI and APREN collaborate in the mapping of wind farms in Portugal

12 September 2019

The latest report with information on wind farms in Portugal is already available, with data from December 2018 (click to access). This map, a collaborative effort of INEGI and APREN - Portuguese Association of Renewable Energy, also reveals the contribution of this sector to the total electricity consumed in Portugal in recent years, namely 2018.

"It aims to provide all interested parties with a photograph of the wind generating capacity in operations in Portugal”, explains José Carlos Matos, Director of INEGIs Wind Energy area. The compiled data are subjected to a "rigorous process of collection and analysis, and in this edition special care has been taken to harmonize designations from the various sources available (APREN, INEGI, DGEG, suppliers) for the different wind farms”, adds the expert.

The "Wind Farms in Portugal” report was born within the context of e2p – Energias Endógenas de Portugal, in order to answer the market’s and the general public’s interest in better understanding the installations using renewable sources for generation, particularly its geographical distribution and related technologies.

Since then, e2p - Endogenous Energies of Portugal has become a database of all renewable energy sources in Portugal, which are periodically updated, and is available to the public. It includes data from plants that have as sources wind, large water, small water, solar photovoltaic, biogas, biomass and waves and tides, as an example of technology in use, location and proper use.
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