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Europe brings electrification to the world of aviation with INEGI's help

10 February 2023
Electrification is taking its first steps in the world of aviation, driven by the European Clean Aviation program, and with INEGI's contribution. The most recent project to «take off» is HERA, an aircraft concept with hybrid-electric propulsion.

The project aims to define the concept and key architecture of a hybrid-electric regional aircraft, as well as to identify and develop the technologies needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50%. It will be based on batteries, fuel cells, or hydrogen combustion for the heat source.

INEGI's role is related to this last task – the study of the use of hydrogen in the aircraft of the future. As Maria Ariño, responsible for the project at INEGI, explains, "we are going to define requirements for the design of storage tanks for gaseous or cryogenic hydrogen, studying the use of composites in their manufacture. The objective is to develop methodologies applicable to full-scale production ”.

This is one of several projects aimed at promoting carbon neutrality in aviation with the contribution of INEGI. Of note is the development of lighter and more resistant materials for cockpits, towards a reduction in aircraft weight and consequent reduction in fuel consumption. More recently, INEGI also joined Airbus Defense & Space to innovate in the manufacture of composites for the aeronautical sector.

The HERA – Hybrid-Electric Regional Architecture project has a total of 48 partners, including INEGI, ISQ and Almadesign. It is part of the Clean Aviation program, co-financed by the European Commission.

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