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Circular Economy and Sustainability: course will train professionals to promote transition to circular strategies

13 April 2022
The ability to create circular products, services and business models is increasingly important, in a world where sustainability and the circular economy increasingly affect consumer decisions, and the number of measures and incentives, particularly European ones, is increasing. drive change.

In this context, INEGI launches, starting on the 9th of June, the program «Circular Economy and Sustainability». It takes place in a hybrid format – face-to-face and online – and, in line with the hands-on approach, will feature practical success stories, discussion workshops, and a practical project developed by the trainees.

As Ana Ramos, co-coordinator of the program explains, "training promotes the transition to systemic and circular thinking". Viviana Correia Pinto, also co-coordinator, adds that "the objective is to train professionals to face the challenges and seize the opportunities of the transformation driven by the circular economy".

Trainees will have the opportunity to learn about the current framework, policies and regulations of the Circular Economy, understand circular strategies for implementation in industrial production, learn about new circular business models and possible paths to decarbonization, and evaluate the business through circularity indicators and product life cycle assessment.
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