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Artificial intelligence accelerates diagnosis in the digestive system

29 August 2022
DIGESTAID promises to significantly improve the diagnosis of pathologies of the digestive system, and was born with the support of INEGI. The patent-pending technologies apply innovative methods to endoscopy imaging and video to overcome the limitations of endoscopic assessment as we know it.

The idea came from Miguel Mascarenhas, from the need to simplify and speed up the analysis of videos of capsule endoscopy - an exam used to detect abnormalities in the digestive tract. Using artificial intelligence mechanisms for image analysis and classification, this system will transform what is now a time-consuming practice that consumes valuable clinical resources.

To achieve this goal, the INEGI's team in the health area played a crucial role. "With the development of classification models, which detect endoscopic lesions in a matter of seconds, we are able to detect as many findings as specialist physicians.” explains João Ferreira, responsible for the project at the Institute.

The precision and speed of the technology translates into less time and resources spent bt health professionals, but also into the acceleration diagnoses and treatments.

The technology continues to evolve, with the support of  INEGI's specialists. "One of the technologies developed is being tested in a clinical context through a prototype that helps gastroenterologists in real time, in performing complementary diagnostic tests. We are also working together with medical teams in the organized integration of data for continuous improvement of classification models.” adds João Ferreira.

DIGESTAID is a spin-off of the Faculty of Medicine of the UPorto, and has the support of the Centro Hospitalar Universitário de São João (CHUSJ), of the INEGI, and of the Faculty of Engineering of the UPorto.

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