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Additive Manufacturing: INEGI and INESC TEC organise a workshop for the health industry

09 December 2021
On December 17th and 22nd, INEGI will host a workshop focused on additive manufacturing, applied to the health industry. Co-organised with INESC TEC, the initiative takes place within the scope of EIT Manufacturing, a network in which both institutions are partners.

Additive manufacturing techniques (also known as 3D printing) have enormous potential for application in the healthcare industry. As Luís Oliveira explains, responsible for the initiative at INEGI, "additive manufacturing may come to allow the customization of medical tools, prostheses and orthotics for patients, for example, or even overcome occasional shortages in the stock of components. They can also be a support tool for the elaboration of 3D models that facilitate the intervention planning or the explanation of the pathology to the patient”.

For this reason, INEGI and INESC TEC have teamed up to train professionals in additive manufacturing applications in the medical field.

During the workshop, the bases of stereolithography (SLA) and cast filament modelling (FDM) technologies will be covered, as well as a practical component. Romão Santos, the INESC TEC representative responsible for the workshop, added that "by simultaneously addressing the technical details of 3D printing technologies and their implementation strategies, we offer a global vision of how to respond to the challenges of these technologies and ensure their maximum value exploitation”.

The workshop takes place on two dates - December 17th and 22nd, both days at 9:00 am - and more information and registration are available HERE (mandatory registration limited to 12 people).

The initiative is promoted within the scope of the Additive Manufacturing for Hospitals – Learning Program (AM HLP) project, co-funding by the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program of the European Union, within the scope of EIT Manufacturing, under grant agreement number 21249.
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