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Direct Reading Ferrography (DRIII) and Analytical Ferrography (FMIII)

Direct Reading Ferrography quantitatively measures the concentration of ferrous particles contained in a lubricating oil.

The Ferrograph magnetically deposits the wear particles that a sample contains, providing digital readouts for the amount of large (DL) and small (DS) particles. These numerical readings and their relative values provide a basis for knowing the level of wear that is developing on the equipment.

When the DR Ferrograph results reveal a significant increase in the index of particle concentration and wear severity, an Analytical Ferrogram must be produced to determine the type of wear that is occurring in the equipment, and thus, have a base on the decision-making on whether or not to stop the equipment for intervention.

The Analytical Ferrograph is used to prepare a Ferrogram – a glass plate with particles deposited for microscopic analysis and photographic documentation.

The suspended particles in an oil sample are magnetically deposited on a glass plate – Ferrogram. Microscopic analysis provides a qualitative basis for evaluating and visually recording the equipment's history in relation to wear processes. It also allows an identification of wear mechanisms, producing patterns of imminent or catastrophic damage.

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