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Lubricant Analysis Laboratory

INEGI's Lubricant Analysis Laboratory provides support services for the maintenance actions of several types of industry and with application to a wide range of equipment (motors, compressors, turbines, etc.).

The wealth of experience and knowledge gained enables us to define and implement equipment condition monitoring programs through Lubricant Analysis, preventing malfunctions, unplanned interventions, production losses and high repair costs.

Lubricant Analysis is a Condition Monitoring technique that provides us information on the condition of the machine and follows the evolution of any change related to the wear of the several lubricated elements but also detecting the changes of physical and chemical characteristics that occur in the lubricant.

Through Lubricant Analysis, we are able to:
  • Quantify the wear of the machine and the contamination of the lubricant
  • Determine the type of wear that is developing in the machine
  • Identify the component of the machine that possibly is deteriorating
  • Determine the condition of the lubricant and machine

Main techniques:

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