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Laboratory of Tribology and Dimensional Metrology

The Tribology and Metrology Laboratory is equipped with properly instrumented equipment, not only to test lubricants, but also to evaluate the wear properties of different materials. This laboratory also supports our industrial partners in any tribology related research through the measurement of the different parameters of the surfaces in contact.

Main equipment:
  • 3D Optical Profilometer by Interferometry for the topological and roughness evaluation of surfaces
  • Stylus probe Profilometer for the surface roughness measurement
  • FZG gear test rig
  • Gearbox test rig for efficiency and reliability evaluation
  • Rolling bearing test rig
  • Ball-on-disc machine for lubricant film thickness and coefficient of friction measurements
  • Pin-on-disc machine for wear and coefficient of friction measurements
  • Blouet Tribometer (Block on disc)
  • Micro-abrasion machine
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