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Aerodynamics and Calibration Laboratory

Wind speed is an important parameter in several areas of activity, such as:

  • wind energy, for resource characterisation;
  • stack monitoring, for the gas flow determination;
  • ventilation and air quality in buildings;
  • safety of equipment and cargo while moving in wind exposed sites;
  • meteorology, the knowledge of atmospheric conditions;
  • infrastructures and sites exposed to wind induced loading.

Based on the wind energy specific requirements of anemometer calibration, the Aerodynamics and Calibration Laboratory is accredited by the national accreditation body, the Portuguese Institute of Accreditation for the Calibration of anemometers and Pitot tubes and can as well test other equipment. The range of wind speeds covered by the accreditation is extended to calibrate equipment between 0.125 m/s and 28 m/s.

The laboratory is equipped with the needed technical means, namely the wind tunnel, prepared to comply with the criteria of calibration procedures and to ensure the flow quality.

Aerodynamic tests are performed at the wind tunnel, supporting companies that require wind related experimental tests and industrial aerodynamics.

Additional information regarding the scope of accreditation can be obtained at IPAC’s website (laboratory M0107; information in Portuguese). 

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