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Optimization of industrial processes

Solutions for Companies

    • Optimization of industrial processes based on process simulation tools, for:

- Processes of composite materials and polymers: infusion and molding by RTM, filament winding, injection and over-injection, pre-impregnated, and others.

- Processes of metallic materials: forming, machining, casting, injection of light metal alloys, and other metallurgical processes.

- Advanced bonding processes: adhesive joints, welding, and multi-material bonding processes.

- Additive manufacturing processes, and additive manufacturing combined with subtractive manufacturing.

    • Energy optimization of industrial processes

    • Operations Management

- Design of operations, processes and industrial and logistical layouts

- Design and implementation of integrated planning processes

- Advanced statistical process control

- Definition and implementation of good Industrial Maintenance Management practices

Our approach
01 | Requirements identification and needs evaluation

02 | Definition of goals
03 | Elaboration of an action plan

04 | Follow-up of the proposed solutions’ implementation

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