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Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Photovoltaic solar energy is essential for a cleaner future. That is why INEGI is contributing to boost this transformation in the energy sector since 2014.

We have solid experience along the value chain of the photovoltaic energy sector, through services and customized solutions that help developers, operators and investors to take advantage of the full potential of solar energy.


INEGI's team was decisive in decision-making and allowed us to deal with our doubts, both in the design of the project and in the selection of suppliers, reduce the risk associated with the investment, and to be more certain in the choice of the technological solutions that came to us.
António Gandra
Owner and Manager of BICAFÉ

Core Team

Miguel Marques Team Leader

Miguel Marques

Filipa Magalhães

Filipa Magalhães

Eduardo Silva

Eduardo Silva

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