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Environmental Studies

We are partners of companies, helping them to minimize the environmental footprint generated by their activity, as well as to ensure environmentally healthy working conditions for their workers.

We have specialists in various areas, recognized by the official entities and who, using engineering tools, are able to support companies in complying with legal requirements regarding the environment and indoor air quality.

Solutions for companies

  • Chimney height design studies
  • Preparation of solvent management plans
  • Environmental audits and diagnostics

Our approach
01 | Collection of relevant elements provided by (and at) companies

02 | Use of calculation tools for design and planning of measures to be taken
03 | Presentation and discussion of results with companies

Core Team

Sónia Ferreira Team Leader

Sónia Ferreira

Carlos Silva

Carlos Silva

Celso Lúcio

Celso Lúcio

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