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Sustainability of Production Processes

Solutions for companies

Energy Diagnosis
    • Action plans for the improvement of energy and environmental efficiency of manufacturing processes
    • Diagnosis and optimisation of HVAC systems

Industrial Thermal Systems
    • Diagnosis of the thermal performance of industrial processes
    • Design and development of development plans for the optimisation of thermal processes:
      • Development and support to the implementation of holistic systems of direct integration of concentrating solar thermal technologies
      • Development and support to the implementation of latent heat storage systems
      • Development and support to the implementation of efficient heat transfer, management and recovery systems

Our approach
01 | Diagnosis of the current situation of the business/manufacturing process

02 | Identifying energy and environmental inefficiencies

03 | Generating, selecting and validating disruptive optimisation concepts 

04 | Defining action plans for promoting the eco-efficiency of organisations
05 | Supporting the implementation of the action and development plan and the technological implementation of optimisation solutions 

06 | Continuous monitoring of action plan implementation results 
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