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Energy and Sustainability

We promote sustainability and eco-efficiency in the manufacturing industry by developing solutions that are tailored to each particular challenge.

The main goal of the consultancy services we provide to the manufacturing and services sector is to promote their sustainability and eco-efficiency through energy use rationalisation, direct integration of renewable energy sources and waste minimisation and energy and material recovery from waste.


"INEGI is an institution that stands out in the support to the industry having recognised skills and great value in the area of energy consulting. For our company, INEGI did the diagnosis of the HVAC system operation which was extremely valuable for us, allowing the identification of alternative solutions to improve the performance of this system in an expressive way."
Manuela Tavares de Sousa
"At an important moment for Faculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Education of the University of Porto, due to the evolution of the concept of maintenance and development of its facilities and equipment, the partnership with INEGI in the field of energy consulting had an enormous strategic impact."
Pedro Sarmento

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Ricardo Barbosa

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Ana Magalhães

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Vítor Ferreira

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