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Additive Manufacturing
Selective Laser Melting Printer
Direct Energy Deposition (DED) Laboratory Station for Metallic Additive Manufacturing
Robotic System for 6 Axis 3D Printing of High Performance and Large Scale Composite Materials
Multi-equipment 3D Printing Center
5 Axis 3D Printer for Engineering Materials and High Temperature
Laboratory Overview
Mechatronics and Optical Metrology
Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar - Mechanical characterization of materials at high strain rate
Darkfield lighting system - Measurement of crack propagation by fatigue
Non-destructive inspection systems and solutions
Mechanical characterization of materials at different temperatures (-40 to 300ºC)
Form survey (laser line scanning) - Defect inspection
Unmanned Vehicle (UAV) - Monitoring and Inspection of Structural Components
Advanced Joining Processes
Laser Polymer Welding Machine
Electro-Mechanical Testing Machine - Adhesive Characterization Test
Servo-Hydraulic Testing Machine - Adhesive Characterization Test
Impact Testing Machine for Adhesive Joints
Hot Plate Press - Production of Test Specimen
Laboratory Overview
Laboratory Overview
Oscillatory Rheometer - Determination of the rheological properties of polymeric materials
Mechanical-Dynamic Analysis Equipment
Mechanical-Dynamic Analysis Equipment
Laboratory Overview
3-Roll Mill
Density balance
Mechanical mixer
Laboratory Overview
Tribology and Dimensional Metrology
Measurement of Losses in Mechanical Gear Transmissions
Lubricant Analysis
Wear Particle Analysis - Ferrometry and Analytical Ferrography
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
Mechanical Testing
Electromechanical Testing Machine - Characterization of Miniaturized Samples using Digital Image Correlation
Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing Machine (20kHz) - Characterization of Ultra-Long Duration or Extreme Supercyclic Fatigue
1MN Servo-Hydraulic Testing Machine with Video-Extensometer – INSTRON 1000KPX
Laboratory Overview
Automatic Micro Hardness Tester
Laboratory Overview
Laboratory Overview
Experimental Instalation Tailored to Project/Client
Uniaxial, Biaxial and Compression Tensile Testing Machine, with Thermal Bath for Temperature Control
Melt Electrospinning Writing Prototype
Battery Development and Testing
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