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PhD Scholarship holder - RH DECARBONIZE ENERGIA 29/2021

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Call for 1 (one) PhD Scholarship holder under the project "DECARBONIZE – DEvelopment of strategies and policies based on energy and non-energy applications towards CARBON neutral cities via digitalization for citIZEns and society”

INEGI-Instituto de Ciência e Inovação em Engenharia Mecânica e Engenharia Industrial announces the open call for one (1) Research Scholarship for PhD student with a MSc degree in Engineering within the framework of the project "DECARBONIZE – DEvelopment of strategies and policies based on energy and non-energy applications towards CARBON neutral cities via digitalization for citIZEns and society” funded by CCDR-n, under the following conditions:

Work Plan title: Governance models for carbon neutral cities

Scientific area: Sustainable Energy Systems

1. Grant duration and regime:

Duration of 12 months, starting in October 2021 and may be renewed until the end of the project. The granting of the scholarships does not generate or entitle a legal-labor relationship, it is exercised under an exclusive dedication regime and the Scholarship holder is granted the Scholarship Holder Status, in accordance with the Regulation for Research Grants of the Foundation for Science and Technology, I.P., both in their current wording.

2. Work plan:

The work will be part of the DECARBONIZE project, that will advance and promote: (1) Carbon neutral energy systems, through system integration (multi-level, multi-sector), complemented with non-energy abatement solutions taking advantage of potential synergies among a multitude of sectors and vectors, at different management levels, moving from silo-based solutions to a holistic and integrated solution; (2) Active citizens and new governance models - policy and technical challenges associated with the achievement of multi-level governance, with solutions that are created by and for the citizens, which will guarantee a fair and inclusive transition; and (3) Smartness through digitalization and automation - digitalization and the increasing data availability will be fundamental tools to guarantee carbon neutrality, as these will support both system integration and the involvement of different stakeholders and the promotion of active citizenship.

The contribution to the project objectives will include the following activities:

a)      Identifying and characterizing actors, respective interests, motivations and competences, within a city;

b)      Developing new governance models adequate for a set of functional units to enable the energy transition and active participation of citizens;

c)      Analyzing regulatory and policy framework and related enablers and barriers to the implementation of the carbon-neutrality measures at the local level;

d)      Developing innovative business models associated with energy and non-energy use cases;

e)      Writing technical (e.g. progress reports) and scientific (e.g. conference and journal articles) documentation.

3. Scientific supervision:

Doutora Zenaida Sobral Mourão and Doutora Isabel Azevedo.

4. Academic Qualifications:

PhD Students

Priority will be given to candidates with:

a)      MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering or related area;

b)     Average of bachelor’s and master’s degree above 13;

c)      Basic knowledge of concepts from energy and climate policy making;

d)      Experience in previous projects on energy and climate governance issues;

e)      Familiar with multi-level and participative governance concepts;

f)       Knowledge of the principles and methodologies for socio-economic assessment and characterization;

g)      Good analytical skills;

h)      Excellent communication skills;

i)       Language skills: good level of English and basic level of Portuguese.

Academic degrees obtained in foreign countries shall be registered by a Portuguese institution, according to the DL 66/2018, of August 16th, and the Ordinance nr. 33/2019, of January 25th. It is mandatory to present the certificate to sign the contract.

More information is available on:

5. Monthly allowance:

The scholarship amount corresponds to 1104.64 €, according to FCT (, I.P. monthly maintenance stipend table for scholarships in Portugal (Annex I - of FCT IP Research Scholarship Regulation, integrating the 1% update under the terms of article 236 of Law nº2 / 2020 of March 31 (State Budget for 2020).  The scholarship payment will be made by bank transfer.

6. Other benefits:

Voluntary Social Security reimbursement, corresponding to the 1st level of the contributory base (for scholarships lasting 6 months or more); Personal Accident Insurance.

7. Applicable Legislation:

Research Fellow Statute, approved by Law No. 40/2004 of August 18, in the current wording published by Decree-Law No. 123/2019 of August 28; Regulation of Research Grants of the Foundation for Science and Technology, I.P. in force (Regulation No. 950 / 2019 of 16 December

8. Evaluation criteria:

The selection method will be a curricular evaluation, using a one to five (1 to 5) assessment scale, with the following weights:

AI. Academic qualifications and adequacy of the CV to the position preferences (60%);

AII. Scientific production of the applicant (20%);

AIII. Experience in previous research projects (10%);

AIV. Dissemination activities (10%).

If necessary, an interview (weighting 40%) will be carried out to the three best candidates selected.

The jury reserves the right not to fill the position, if there are no candidates that meet the requirements. In case the candidate placed in 1st does not accept the scholarship or in case he/she withdraws from the scholarship during the respective work program, the candidate placed in 2nd may be invited to accept the scholarship. This procedure may be repeated in subsequent cases of non-acceptance or withdrawal, according to the decision of the scientific supervisor, respecting the ordering of the list contained in the minutes of the selection process.

9. Composition of the evaluation panel:

Doutor Pedro Ponces Camanho (Chair), Doutora Zenaida Sobral Mourão, Doutora Isabel Azevedo and Mafalda Coelho Silva.

10. Publication/notification of results:

The final evaluation results (ordered list) will be publicized in

11. Submission of applications:

Applications must include the following documents:

- Motivation letter, stating the adequacy of the curriculum to the position;

- Curriculum Vitae;

- Copy of the MSc certificate;

- Copy of relevant publications.

12. Expressions of interest should be sent between the 14th and 27 th September 2021 through the official INEGI website in Available Vacancies by pressing Submit Application RH DECARBONIZE ENERGIA 29/2021.

13. Working place:

The work will be carried out in the scope of INEGI facilities in Porto Portugal, or in other places required for the execution of the work plan.

14. Scholarship Support Centre:

The support centre for scholarship holders works from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 12 pm, in the Human Resources Services.

INEGI – Instituto de Ciência e Inovação em Engenharia Mecânica e Engenharia Industrial
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