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Technologies for the production, storage and use of hydrogen

Within the ambitious decarbonisation goals of all sectors of the economy, the main advantages of hydrogen, together with the electrification strategy, are to reduce decarbonisation costs; substantially strengthen the security of supply in a context of decarbonisation, as hydrogen allows the storage of renewable electricity for long periods of time; to reduce energy dependence by using endogenous sources in its production; to reduce GHG emissions in several sectors of the economy as it more easily promotes the replacement of fossil fuels; to promote efficiency in energy production and consumption by allowing solutions on a variable scale as needed, close to the place of consumption and distributed throughout the national territory; to promote economic growth and employment through the development of new industries and associated services.

Solutions for customers and partners
  • Development of green hydrogen production technologies - Electrolysers
  • Development of hydrogen production reactors
  • Development of technologies for the storage of high-pressure hydrogen gas
  • Development of hydrogen burners for use in the industrial, residential and service sectors
  • Development of fuel cells
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