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Monitoring and Structural Integrity

Development of systems and solutions for monitoring and managing the structural condition and non-destructive inspection, with or without contact, either for the assessment of the structural condition or for predictive maintenance.

Evaluation of the structural behavior of mechanical systems and structures, using numerical simulation tools for static, dynamic, fatigue and impact stresses.

Experimental validation of the behavior of materials, structures and equipment.

Solutions for customers and partners
  • Instrumentation of systems, components and structures
  • Custom-designed monitoring solutions
  • Evaluation of the remaining life of mechanical structures and systems
  • Advanced inspection solutions based on artificial vision
  • Development of 3D metrology systems
  • Conduction of static and fatigue tests
  • Characterization of the impact at high deformation rate
  • Experimental validation of numerical models
  • Multi-axial testing of components and structures
  • Aging tests
  • Failure analysis
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