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Materials Processing and Advanced Characterization

This research line concerns mainly the:

  • Engineering of multifunctional materials based on their combination, functionalization or microstructural control (e.g. advanced composites, nanostructured cementitious hydraulic binders).
  • Characterization of extended materials (such as cellular materials, metallic, ceramic, composite, metallic matrix nanocomposites, cork agglomerate, natural, phase change materials, waste-based and biomaterials), including fracture, fatigue under multiaxial loading, tribology, reaction to high-temperature, and solar radiation.
  • Characterization of components, in terms of reliability and maintainability of complex devices, (e.g. biomedical and dental implants, contact lenses, hip prostheses, transports).
  • Materials for Additive Manufacturing (AM) techniques and subsequent surface and heat treatments, and role in AM-Product Development.
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