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Wind Europe Workshop: INEGI takes part in European discussion on wind turbine end-of-life

27 August 2019
The workshop "EoLIS - End-of-Life Issues and Strategies", promoted by the Wind Europe association, will take place on September 5th in Leuven, Belgium, and INEGI will participate to present some work developed in this context.

Besides supporting the organisation of this workshop, INEGI will be responsible for presenting two posters, one on structural monitoring campaigns, namely the loads measurement on blades and the tower; another focused on advanced lubricant analysis in wind turbines

The workshop aims to bring together the wind power community - industry representatives, investors, companies, academia and research institutions - to discuss the imminent end of life of a significant part of Europe's wind turbine fleet and outline possible lines of action.

"With the approaching end of equipment life, decision-makers will have to analyse different scenarios, taking into account the economic viability of the projects, the regulatory framework in force, the profile of investors and their short and medium-term objectives, as well as other factors", says Filipa Magalhães, INEGI's specialist in wind energy.

Filipa Magalhães is a member of the committee which also includes Peter Spengemann, Director of Repowering at WPD Windmanager Gmb, Uli Schulze Südhoff, Director of Business Development at GE Renewable Energy, Jannie Nielsen, Professor of Civil Engineering at Aalborg University, and Massimo Golluscio, an engineer in Enel. Work meetings are already scheduled for the coming months.

The full program of the event, which will also be attended by Pedro Amaral Jorge, President of the Portuguese Renewable Energy Association (APREN), as a speaker, can be checked HERE.