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Vice President of INEGI in an interview with ‘Engineering Reality’ magazine

13 July 2020

Pedro Camanho, researcher and vice president of INEGI, and president of the Associated Laboratory for Energy, Transports and Aeronautics (LAETA), was recently the featured personality in the summer 2020 edition of the 'Engineering Reality' magazine.

In an interview, the vice president of the Institute discussed his academic and professional path, his contribution to the study and development of advanced composite materials, how these respond to the challenges of sustainability and opportunities for the industry.

Read the interview, HERE.

‘Engineering Reality’ is published every six months and highlights the best work in the area of design and engineering simulation.

The publication is edited by MSC Software, a company that owns the Digimat program, which integrated with its most recent version a model developed by Pedro Camanho. The software, which speeds up the development of materials and composite structures through multi-scale modeling, also assesses the limit of weight reduction of materials based on the Camanho Model that predicts progression damage.