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Versatile, modular and efficient – such is the new FSW welding and machining equipment created by INEGI and TSF

01 June 2022
"Doing more with less” is a principle that guides the entire industry, and equipment versatility is an important element in this strategy. Given the scarcity of qualified operators, along with the costs associated with the maintenance of several machines, investing in tools capable of performing various tasks is already a priority.

It was in this context that TSF, a company operating in the field of precision metallurgy, challenged INEGI to develop a hybrid equipment capable of machining and welding by linear friction for demanding applications in sectors such as aeronautics, space and automobiles.

"Equipment focused on specific solutions is very expensive, and TSF identified the need to have a single equipment and setup, multitasking, capable of preparing surfaces and welding with high resistance in solid state", explains Daniel Braga, responsible for the project at INEGI .

The result was flexible and modular equipment that performs Friction Stir Welding (FSW) in various materials, such as metal alloys, polymers, composites and multi-material combinations. The final prototype is already operational at INEGI and will serve as the basis for new offers from TSF as well as new technological development in the field of solid-state welding.

In addition to developing the equipment, the INEGI team also created new and improved methods for monitoring and controlling the welding process, tools for multimaterial connections, such as polymers with aluminum or aluminum with steel, and tools capable of welding steel and titanium alloys.

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