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Testing & Diagnostics Solutions for Antimicrobial Resistances

01 January 2023 Project Sheet

Develop "lab-on-a-chip" solutions integrated with artificial intelligence to detect and monitor antibiotic resistance in different fields, such as human and animal health, food safety and the environment. The objective is to create an early warning system that allows controlling, monitoring and preventing future pandemics caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria.


Support for the development of a plate for bacteria detection with iron-magnetic particles and fluorescent phage proteins, by laser beam

Support for the development of an «artificial nose» able to measure COVs from the environment through light spectrum scan VUV

Support for the development of a SERS platform for antibiotic residues detection


Allow antibiotic prescribing to be an informed and better decision in human and animal health

In the environmental area contribute to the protection of water quality, helping the comparison between countries, providing the basis for international action, and access progress in any potential environmental protection action

Miniaturize and integrate devices for in situ applications, with a modular approach, involving all the analysis steps as Micro-Total Analysis Systems (µTAS)

Allow the early detection of new potential infectious outbreaks not only in hospital environments but also on animal farm

Allow a preventive approach by continuous air monitorization, with the identification of potential infectious outbreaks and consequent implementation of mitigation measures

The aim is to miniaturize the detection technology and in parallel extend the analytical spectrum of the equipment, converting it into a truly portable system compliant with medical device regulations

Enable the monitoring of antibiotics and antibiotic residues in water, soil and food based on a surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) detection system integrated with microfluidic sampling

Adapt the technology already developed for the detection of antibiotics and their metabolites


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