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"Smart" and multifunctional materials and products for use in extreme and unconventional conditions

01 January 2018 Project Sheet
INEGI's Contribution
  • Selection of materials and technologies for product development in composites.
  • Introduction of smart properties in materials through the incorporation of carbon nanoparticles, including carbon nanofibres, graphene nanoplatelets and graphene.
  • Development of multifunctional carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites for automotive application.
  • Development of polymer composites capable of self-healing and damage detection.
  • Development of production processes for the integration of sensing resources for self-monitoring.

  • Development of smart composite materials for damage detection and self-healing applications via the addition of microcapsules able to release chemical agents after mechanical solicitation.
  • Improving resource efficiency and contributing for a circular economy through the development of smart materials with a higher durability.
  • Social impact through the development of smart materials and structures able to inform about their service conditions, avoiding errors and reducing repair costs, which ensures greater safety.

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