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Sensorized isolators allow real-time management of the high voltage electrical network

18 October 2021
Given the rapid modernization of electricity distribution networks, INDISOL is once again joining forces with INEGI to develop new technological solutions, this time aiming at high voltage networks.

The company, which works in the design, development and industrialization of electrical insulators solutions, challenged INEGI to create a new type of insulator for high voltage smart grid networks. These will have built-in sensing, and will be able to ensure remote monitoring of the electricity grid.

According to Ricardo Paiva, responsible for the project at INEGI, the differentiating and innovative character of this project focuses "on optimizing the management of the energy network through the development and integration of intelligent solutions in these components. We will give them both monitoring capabilities and monitoring of various electrical quantities (for example voltage, current, phase), either storage or sending of the collected data”.

In addition to the design of the insulators and respective sensing, the INEGI team is in charge of the development and prototyping of printed circuit boards (PCBs) for precise adjustment systems, and of automatic systems for measuring and calibrating the insulators.

This project is the most recent stage of the partnership between INDISOL and INEGI, who have been collaborating in order to monitor the evolution of electricity distribution networks. It follows the SensorGRID and ISOSMART projects, which contemplated the development of new sensorization processes, with different applications.

The HVSMARTSENSOR project is co-financed by the European Union through COMPETE 2020 (Operational Program for Competitiveness and Internationalization), within the scope of the Incentive System for Research and Technological Development.
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