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ROQ has support from INEGI to develop a new machine for the textile industry

04 August 2021
Exporting 85% of its production to over 60 countries, ROQ is a vertically integrated industrial company that is dedicated from design and manufacturing to the commercialization of digital and screen printing machines for textile printing. The partnership with INEGI emerged in this competitive context, whose objective was to improve one of its products for heat setting, in the textile printing process.

The optimization of efficiency and performance gave rise to a new generation of dryers, called ROQ SAHARA, which is a result of the previous equipment improvement. "With the contribution of INEGI, it was possible to identify the major points for improvement of our dryer, making it more versatile, improving several areas, from its energy efficiency, insulation, energy-saving, noise, to maintenance, which is even easier and faster”, explains Fernando Pinto, ROQ’s CEO.

This new equipment, which guarantees temperature stability throughout the drying chamber, has INEGI's experience and knowledge input in the area of product development, particularly in the fields of thermal energy and fluid dynamics.

"After analyzing the machine, using tools such as instrumentation and experimental and computational analysis, we developed an analytical model to support ROQ’s engineering team and listed a set of critical points that allowed the product optimization”, says Domingos Moreira, responsible for Business Development at INEGI in the area of Product and Systems Development.

Believing in continuous improvement as a competitive factor, ROQ will continue to count on INEGI´s support as a technological innovation partner.
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