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Reusable vehicle for research and leverage of orbital technology

01 June 2020 Project Sheet
INEGI's Contribution
  • Contributions to definition of the tank requirements of a suborbital space launch vehicle;
  • Selection and development of materials for composite tanks with a view to permeability, cryogenic temperatures and compatibility with liquid oxygen;
  • Structural design of tanks in composite material considering manufacturing processes such as filament winding or automated fiber placement;
  • Development of the manufacturing process for a type V tank (entirely in composite material)
  • Manufacture and demonstration of representative prototype tanks.

Results / Impact
  • Tanks in composite material for storage and propulsion of a sub-orbital vehicle, using cryogenic propellants such as oxygen and liquid methane
  • New materials with very low permeability through the modification and improvement of the base materials used, such as fiber or resin
  • New manufacturing process compatible with the formulated materials and that is capable of obtaining tanks of considerable size, and joining processes that meet to the needs and requirements of operation
  • Minimization of the mass, lead time, environmental impact and cost associated with the components.
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