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Maximizing the efficient use of water-nutrient-energy nexus for sustainable agriculture in marginal environments

01 June 2023 Project Sheet

Numerical analysis of the adaptation of the solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for different field conditions 
Dimension and position of the PV modules on the crops in the demo sites 
Responsible of the pilot implementation and monitoring of the Living lab in Portugal
Data manager for the Portuguese agri-PV experimental system 


Develop and demonstrate the benefits and effectiveness of integrated management solutions within the energy, water and nutrient nexus for Mediterranean marginal environments 
Provide and validate concepts and tools to buffer water availability between extreme weather events, reduce the net water extraction, to unburden natural water bodies from nitrates, pesticides, salts and other pollutants, and at the same time, advance agroecological production systems
Novel technical setups and combination of measures will be implemented that shall i) increase water use efficiency, ii) improve water quality, iii) replenish ground water resources, and (iv) close nutrient cycles.

PureCircles - Maximizando a eficiência do uso de recursos dentro do nexo água-nutriente-energia para uma agricultura sustentável em ambientes marginais

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