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PECOL partners with INEGI to innovate with high performance fixing system

23 January 2019

It’s a new high-performance polymer fixing system, made with eco-sustainable principles. It’s the result of a project in collaboration with INEGI, and will soon be part of PECOLs range of fixing products for professional markets.

This fixing system was born of a project promoted by the portuguese company PECOL, together with INEGI. Titled P-ECOFix, the initiative allowed significant improvements to this type of product, namely the functional polyvalence under adverse conditions and the innovative form of fixation in hollow substrates, which will allow it to withstand forces superior to competitive products.

The product is in the final stage of experimental validation, and stands out as the first product of its kind made with the addition of carbon microparticles to its composition. "This will be the first interaction of PECOL in the manufacture of products of this kind. We are confident that the product’s differentiation and good price-quality ratio will be a critical factor in the success of this project" explains António Novais, Managing Director of PECOL Sistemas de Fixação.

INEGI assumed a relevant role in the project, being responsible for the analysis and ion of manufacturing materials, for improving performance, for topological optimization, for the producing of prototypes, the definition of manufacturing processes, and for performing mechanical tests in the laboratory and real life conditions. In addition to this work, INEGI also provided support to PECOL in the review of patents, state of the art and applicable legislation.
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