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Partnership between INEGI and Vanguard Marine results in patent for modular vessels

30 May 2023
INEGI, in collaboration with the company Vanguard Marine, has developed an innovative system for a modular interface between the hull and the float, which will serve as the basis for the creation of a new range of reconfigurable semi-rigid vessels, and is now awaiting patent.

Rui Mendes, responsible for the project at INEGI and one of the patent holders, explains that "the system makes the quick and vertical connection between the hull and the float. This translates into advantages such as greater efficiency in assembly, greater agility in future maintenance , and increased vessel safety and performance”.

The innovation was born from the challenge that Vanguard Marine, a manufacturer of semi-rigid vessels, launched to INEGI: to create a new modular prototype of a semi-rigid vessel with a highly customizable and reconfigurable capacity.

In response, INEGI's team of specialists created a modular architecture capable of responding to markets that require a high level of customization of vessels, such as tourism, surveillance and first aid.

With the submission of the patent, João Cardoso, one of the inventors, says that Vanguard Marine is now preparing the commercialization of vessels with the new system already incorporated. "It's a new interface standard that allows the company to remain at the forefront of the nautical sector", he stresses.

J.I.F. Abeijón, CEO of Vanguard Marine, points out that "the experience of cooperation and work with INEGI's teams was completely satisfactory both from the point of view of communication as well as technical support, achieving the foreseen objectives in form and deadline".

The ModBIR project: Modularization of inflatable and rigid boats is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund, Portugal 2020 and NORTE 2020.


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