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Optimization of manufacturing processes: new cover for Fatima Presbytery

INEGI supported the Sanctuary of Fatima in optimizing the process of manufacturing a new cover for its Presbytery, providing technical advice to the project in its different phases, from the design of the structural project to its construction.

The technical consultancy for the Sanctuary of Fatima began with the design of the structural project of composite components and the selection of the manufacturing process. This special cover has an extremely thin design and a dimension of 20 meters by 30 meters, which made its design a challenge. It was constructed with fiberglass composite materials due to their particular characteristics, such as high specific resistance and ease of molding for the desired geometry.

In the production phase, INEGI technicians worked closely with Poliexport, a subcontractor for the production of composite elements. In addition to the technical supervision of the work, INEGI was in charge of training the company's employees, supporting the introduction of new manufacturing technologies.

In the final phase, INEGI followed the installation of the components on the altar, carried out by Mota-Engil, and verified and validated the new structures.

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