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Materials solutions for cost reduction and extended service life on wind off-shore facilities

01 December 2020 Project Sheet
INEGI's Contribution
  • Application and development of NDT (Thermography and DIC) for monitoring the working conditions of wind blades;
  • Design and test FBG / DFO sensors to monitor wind blade materials;
  • Development of tools to predict the structural behavior of GBS-type offshore underwater foundations, through Machine learning algorithms, based on a large amount of data generated by numerical models (FEA, FSI) and acquired in real time by experiment (Wave tanks and sea trials);
  • Design, test and monitoring of underwater offshore foundations of the GBS type in wave tanks and at sea.

  • Enhancing corrosion protection systems and durability
  • Effective and durable antifouling solutions without using biocides
  • Erosion protection and mechanical reinforcement in wind blades
  • Predictive modelling and monitoring