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LIPOR counts on INEGI to decarbonize the operation of its energy recovery plant

17 January 2024
LIPOR, Oporto's Intermunicipal Waste Management Service, challenged INEGI to support the decarbonization of its activity and the implementation of technological solutions to make the energy recovery process more sustainable.

In addition to solutions for recovering waste heat and promoting energy efficiency of the process, technological solutions for carbon capture and procedural alternatives for using captured carbon dioxide are also being evaluated (from the perspective of their technical and economic feasibility) and development, by INEGI's team, which will subsequently support the implementation of the selected solutions.

This project arises within the scope of LIPOR's sustainability policy, which recognizes the challenges of the energy transition in the waste management sector and, therefore, actively seeks innovative solutions to reduce carbon emissions associated with the energy recovery of waste.

Ricardo Barbosa, responsible for the project at INEGI, highlights that "our experience with the development and application of these technological solutions allows us to say that they have enormous potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and will therefore allow us to minimize negative environmental impacts associated with waste management”.

LIPOR's energy recovery plant, located in Maia, treats waste that cannot be recovered through composting and recycling processes, and through a controlled combustion process, produces water vapor that will generate electricity in a turbine. "The implementation of energy integration solutions, recovery and reuse of waste heat and carbon capture and reuse, will complement this approach, making the process even more sustainable and decarbonized”, adds Ricardo Barbosa.

In the words of José Manuel Ribeiro, Chairman of the Board of Directors of LIPOR, "This is how we understand our mission and our defense of the cause of sustainability: environmental sustainability must be associated with energy sustainability, economic sustainability and social sustainability!”

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