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Large European Antenna

01 November 2017 Project Sheet

INEGI's Contribution
  • Mechanical design and manufacture of various equipment and systems that will allow testing an antenna - which includes a reflector and a folding arm - and characterize the operation on ground before launching into space, namely through the development of a:
    • System for measuring the precision of the reflector surface and Radio Frequency test in zero gravity;
    • Ground Support Equipment (GSE) to deploy the reflector;
    • Zero-gravity compensation GSE for deployment of the folding arm;
    • GSE and control system, for the thermoelastic distortion tests of the foldable arm;
    • System to perform the antenna vibration tests;
    • System to perform antenna tests in vacuum conditions;
  • Coordination and implementation of deployment tests of the folding arm;
  • Definition of the test procedure, coordination and execution of the thermoelastic distortion tests in the foldable arm;

  • Development of Large Deployable Reflector (LDR) by a consortium of European partners.
  • Greater sensitivity and resolution, contributing, for example, to more effective radar missions (earth observation and science).
  • Implementation of more robust communication links, contributing to, for example, higher data transfer rates (telecommunications).
  • TRL 8 (technological readiness level) of the 1st PFM - European Proto-Flight Model, which will be ready for integration by the end of 2020 and for flight in 2021.
  • Reduced European dependence on external countries for key technologies, and increased European participation in the global market.
  • Promotion of space missions in the context of Earth's environment monitoring, and promotion of sustainability.