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Innovation and technology for a “smarter” healthcare service

08 February 2024

Mitigate the needs raised by the progressive aging of the population and make medicine in Portugal more preventive, personalized and participatory - these were the main goals of the SMART-HEALTH-4-ALL mobilizing project, now fulfilled. Three years after its launch, the project is nearing completion, and among the results are two products created with INEGI's help that are on their way to the market.

"The smart health sector is growing in Portugal and this initiative aimed to enhance knowledge and technology transfer to boost the industry's competitiveness”, says Nilza Ramião, responsible for the project at INEGI.

"Digitalization, in particular, was one of the consortium’s priorities and was the area to which we contributed, creating customized and adapted sensing, automation, and communication solutions”, adds Nilza Ramião.  

This initiative resulted in several medical technologies and products. Among them is the My Care Shoe, to be sold by the company Ortomedical. It is a shoe that integrates several innovative technologies into its structure, which connects with a mobile application and provides information and alerts in real time.

It was created with diabetic foot patients in mind and includes, for example, actuators that stimulate blood circulation and sensors that detect risk parameters. The integration of wearable monitoring, sensing and personalization technologies was the responsibility of the INEGI team. It was created in partnership with Ortomedical, CeNTI, ISEP and 2CABraga.

A system for drug control and management was also developed in collaboration with the company APINEQ, automating all tasks in the drug delivery system cycle. The new product will help reduce medication dispensing errors, improve medication conservation, and facilitate pharmacy management. Taking into account the high level of complexity of the equipment, INEGI contributed a structured view of the product development process, helped define the set of requirements and specifications and established the functional algorithms for the multiple operating scenarios envisaged.

Led by Siemens Healthineers Portugal and promoted by the Health Cluster Portugal (HCP), the project brings together more than 20 partners, including national and international companies, SMEs, startups, healthcare providers and entities from the National Scientific and Technological System (SCTN), in which INEGI is integrated.

Inserted in the "Mobilizing Programs", which aim to promote the growth of knowledge-intensive economic activities and the creation of value based on innovation, the SMART-HEALTH-4-ALL project – Smart Medical Technologies for Better Health and Care is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), through Portugal 2020.

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