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INEGI’s specialists teach training program on structural adhesives at Oakland University

17 August 2020
The Fastening and Joining Research Institute (FAJRI), an institute at the University of Oakland, in the United States, will receive, on August 31th, a training program taught by specialists from INEGI dedicated to the theme of bonding materials through adhesive joints

Exclusively dedicated to research in the area of ​​ material joining, FAJRI sought to broaden the skills of its employees in this area and selected INEGI, recognizing the benefits of the cutting-edge research that is being carried out at the Institute. 

Taught by Lucas da Silva and Eduardo Marques, INEGI researchers, the course aims to provide the necessary technical basis for the successful design of adhesive joints. It will be divided into four parts, focusing respectively on the introduction to adhesive bonds, guidelines for the design of adhesive joints, adhesive characterization techniques, and the study of the effects of fatigue, moisture and impact on the behavior of the adhesive joint. 

Training program is tailored to the target audience 

As Lucas da Silva, responsible for the Advanced Connecting Processes area at INEGI and coordinator of this program, explains, "Adhesive joints are considered a key technology, being increasingly used in industrial applications, mainly due to their adaptability and ability to safely join a wide range of materials”. 

However, as the expert says, "most professionals have limited experience in the practical implementation of adhesive joints, and there is a constant search for qualified professionals capable of improving this process". 

Recognizing this gap in the industry, this is one of the tailored programs offered by INEGI, in order to respond to the specific needs of companies and participants, taking into account the context in which they work and the dynamics of the sector in which they operate. Click HERE for more information.