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INEGI presents innovation on composites at MatComp 2019

08 July 2019

After joining the Spanish Association of Composite Materials (AEMAC), INEGI participated in MatComp 2019, in Vigo. Throughout the event, INEGI researchers presented some of the ongoing projects regarding composite materials, structures and processes.

The XIII National Congress of Composite Materials (MatComp) was promoted by the Spanish Association of Composite Materials (AEMAC), the Center for Automotive Technology of Galicia (CTAG) and the University of Vigo, from July 3rd to July 5th. The event brought together the scientific and business community around composite and high performance materials, particularly in the areas of Industry. 4.0 and Circular Economy.

INEGI carried out seven communications during the three days of the congress. According to Nuno Correia, director of Composite Materials and Structures at INEGI, this participation was "an opportunity to identify ways to improve the Iberian cooperation in this area".

On the first day, João Machado presented a study that aimed to understand how different sources of variability of the liquid composite moulding process (RTM) can affect the resin impregnation and, consequently, the reliability of the process design alternatives. Pedro Fernandes presented the work developed in the scope of the COMETH project: the design and optimization process of a deployable, tubular and composite structure, which supports a telecommunication antenna to be installed on a satellite.

Composites applicable in strategic sectors: Automotive, Aeronautics, Space and Defense

Also on July 3rd, Jhonny Sá Rodrigues approached the application of 4.0 Industry fundamentals in the process of manufacturing composite materials, to determine optimal work parameters, improving control and automation systems. It was based on the work developed in the scope of the LAY2FORM project, whose objective is to develop an integrated and automated manufacturing process for the hybrid materials’ conformation.

On the event second day, António Torres Marques presented a research on the machining of hybrid systems – carbon fiber reinforced composites /steel – in which it was concluded, for example, that orbital drilling is a technique with exploration potential for this systems. Jorge Durães Silva announced the results of INEGI participation in the AEROCAR project. With the support of INAPAL Plastics, it was developed a car seat structure, which has been reinforced with high-performance composite materials, in particular with a pre-impregnated carbon fiber material commonly used in aeronautical structures.

On the last day, two projects with aeronautical application were presented. Ricardo Pinto addressed the work developed in the ALIR project: the development and validation of composite materials for lightweight and impact resistant panels for unmanned aerial vehicles. And, finally, Ricardo Rocha presented the composite alternatives that are being evaluated by INEGI, in the scope of the PASSARO project, as a substitute for the current aluminum solution for impact protection in an airplane cockpit.
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