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INEGI launches advanced training dedicated to the development of new products and services

07 July 2020

Registration is now open for the advanced training program "Methodologies for the Development of New Products and Services". Click HERE for more details and to know how to apply (available only in Portuguese). 

The new program will start on September 28th, and will take place on the premises of the Institute. The program was designed based on INEGI's experience and accumulated knowledge in the product development area, in all its phases, from the identification of a market opportunity or need, until its end of life.

Innovation is the engine of economic growth

Recognizing that the need to innovate is one of the main drivers of economic growth, this programme aims to provide managers, entrepreneurs, consultants and other professionals with the necessary skills to achieve success in creating and introducing new innovative and disruptive products and services.

The program's coordinator, António Augusto Fernandes, explains that "in today's highly competitive world, it is not feasible to wait for the so-called 'flash of inspiration', and it is imperative to develop capacities to systematize the search for opportunities for innovation".

Practical component is key to learning

To this end, and in line with the hands-on approach to INEGI training, participants will have the opportunity to develop the concept of a product, as a team, throughout the program.

With a duration of 32 hours, the training will take the form of classroom and laboratory sessions, analysis and discussion of case studies, and there is also the possibility of watching via livestream. In order to guarantee the safety of all those who participate in person, INEGI adopted a set of measures in line with the guidelines of the health authorities.