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INEGI is now a notified body and can validate CE marking of construction products

16 December 2021
INEGI is now a notified body within the scope of Regulation (EU) no. 305/2011 – Construction Products, thus appearing in the NANDO database as a notified body no. 2924.

This means that INEGI is considered an independent entity, with technical competence to carry out the conformity assessment of products subject to community directives and determine the CE marking (mandatory marking on construction products to be sold in Europe).

Notified bodies can be certification bodies (both for the products or for the control of factory production) or testing laboratories, and are entities authorized to carry out specific tasks of assessment and verification of the regularity of the performance of products, provided for in Annex V of the Regulation of Construction Products.

Notification is an act by which an EU Member State informs the European Commission and other Member States which bodies in its country fulfill the required requirements and are qualified to carry out certain tasks of assessment and verification of the regularity of product performance.

The construction industry has a reliable partner in INEGI

This accreditation highlights the Institute's performance in the field of fire reaction tests and in the support provided to companies in the development of construction products. Any company that uses INEGI is therefore guaranteed that the results obtained are reliable and externally recognized.

Remember that the Smoke and Fire Laboratory has been accredited by the Portuguese Institute of Accreditation (IPAC), in accordance with the NP EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard, since November 2001, to carry out various fire reaction tests to materials used in civil construction, transport and in the furniture and decoration sectors. This is the latest recognition in the field of construction product testing.
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