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INEGI is looking for volunteers to study indoor air quality

05 June 2023
INEGI is looking for 25 families to participate in a study on indoor air quality, to assess patterns of exposure to indoor air pollution in the home and identify the main risk factors.

We are looking for participants from the northern region of the country, with Wi-Fi at home, and children between 2 and 5 years old. Interested parties can access support information for more details, and register HERE.

This study is taking place in Europe, in parallel also in Sweden, Estonia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, and Czech Republic and includes air quality monitoring for 1 month, along with environmental sampling and health assessment of the family. Based on this assessment, in a second phase, the team will then test the effectiveness of customized corrective strategies, such as installing an air purifier.

Study will support changes at European level for healthier homes

Marta Gabriel, responsible for the project at INEGI, explains that "we want to determine the degree of exposure to aggressive environmental agents that we are subject to today. We are going to pay special attention to babies and young children, as they constitute particularly vulnerable groups and who spend much of their time in the home environment".

The study takes place within the scope of the INQUIRE project, a European consortium of 15 partners, in 8 countries, determined to find "cleaner” alternatives to combat exposure to indoor air pollution.

The ultimate goal is to provide scientific support to policy makers and regulatory bodies, and allow informed decision-making and the implementation of effective measures to protect the health of citizens.

The INQUIRE project - Identification of chemical and biological determinants, their sources, and strategies to promote healthier homes in Europe is co-funded under Horizon Europe, the European Union's research and innovation programme.


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